First of all, thank you so much Aol for this amazing app !
I just began to discover Racechrono on Androïd (I ran 1.45 version on PC with the GPS receiver on logger mode).

My request is maybe too specialized.
Depending on how many times I download data on a track day, I have several sessions per day (For example : 1 session for the morning, another one or 2 for the afternoon).

So what I would like to know is if there is the possibility to have a "Track day" list (instead of Session list) with subdirectories containing each session.
It would be clearer for me, so maybe it could also be for other users.

Sorry if it already exist, I don't use RC in live mode yet, only by the "Import New" feature.

Best Regards,



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    Thanks for suggestion! I have planned for way to better arrange sessions, so something like this might come in future.
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    Perfect !
    One more time, thanks for your wonderful job ! ;)

    EDIT :
    I don't know anything in code writing or developing, but if I could give my help, it will be a great pleasure.
    Maybe for a translation job (I'm French). Feel free to ask me in this case.
  • Alright, I'll remember that :)
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