Cheap devices suitable for qstarz bt-q818

Hi there,

I've recently acquired the above GPS receiver which is no good for my iPhone 4S.

I'm purely after a simple lap timer for the purpose of go karting so wondered what would be a cheap device option which links ok and is reliable.

From looking at the forum an old Nokia seems the best option but I'm considering a pocket Pc 2003 as it may give me options of further data analysis should I wish to go in more detail.

Would be grateful for any advice.

Many thanks


  • I use a pocket pc but it's better to have an old or recent Nokia phone.

    I use the qstarz too, don't know which exactly but it's 5 hz.

    My pocket pc problem is the battery ! Very very low duration, 2-3 hours, a phone can last more than 1 day...
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    If you want practically free device (used under 50 euros), Nokia Symbian device with touchscreen probably work the best. The PPC devices are not so good IMHO. If you have 150 euros to spend then you can already get Android devices. Advantage with Android is that all new RaceChrono features will come to Android only...
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