Bug on track selecting screen


I have tried Racechrono Android this week-end and I met a couple of bugs.

First, when I taped "Start" on the main menu, Racechrono were unable to find automatically the track.
So I taped "Select manually..."
I browsed the library, taped on the track, but the screen came back on the automatically search.
The only way to start the timing (blue screen with the times) were to select custom track wich were on the phone because I have imported old sessions from RC v1.45.

The time recording were excellent after that.

My settings :

Galaxy Ace 5830i :

- Android 2.3.6
- Racechrono 2.21
- Wifi desactivated
- No Sim card
- Internal GPS desactivated
- Bluetooth activated

iBlue 747 A+ :

- Log mode
- 5 Hz selected manually by bt747 software

The second bug became on the last session of the second day of race.
During the session, Racechrono stopped to record and displayed "No connection with GPS"
I thought the iBlue was low battery, but it wasn't and the orange led was still blinking (which seems that the connection to satellites is OK).

Anyway, the software is awesome. Thanks to it, I realised an excellent time :D


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    Thanks for report. I didn't test this "automatically select" on v2.21, but on v2.30 alpha2 it works as expected. Let me know if the problem still persists when you get the next version. If you join the beta group, you should be able to get the 2.30 beta in few days.

    The connection problem is a problem between your phone and the GPS. Sometimes the Bluetooth just fails and you even sometimes need to reboot the phone to get connections again.
  • Thanks for your answer.
    I suscribed the beta group few days ago, I'm ready to test the 2.30 version. :-)
    I let you know if I meet bugs on my next track day, but still in 2.21 version (I'll run tuesday...).
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