CSV export file metada missing

I have exported a session from RaceChrono in CSV format. Looking the file, I have wondered how to map the values to the certain data channels, since the file starts directly with the actual data. I have some OBDII channels included in my session besides the gps information, so I guess the format of the columns can not be static for every export and the order and the names of the columns needs to be specified somehow.

This is the beginning of one of the export files:


I have been told that usually the RaceChrono exports start with a few lines describing the metadata like these:

This file is created using RaceChrono v1.43 ( http://www.racechrono.com/ ).

Session title,A24ring2013la
Session type,Lap timing
Track name,A24ring
Driver name,Mika
Export scope,All laps

Lap #,Timestamp (s),Distance (m),Distance (km),Locked
satellites,Latitude (deg),Longitude (deg),Speed (m/s),Speed (kph),Speed
(mph),Altitude (m),Bearing (deg),Longitudinal Acceleration (G),Lateral
Acceleration (G),X-position (m),Y-position (m),RPM (rpm),Throttle
Position (%),Trap name

Is there any particular reason my exports are missing this information? The version I am using is v1.43 running on old Nokia E61i.

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    I noticed that there is a version 1.45 available for E61i. Somehow I had imagined that the version 1.43 was The Final Version for that platform, but apparently it was not.

    I couldn't find any release notes for that version though, is the export problem perhaps fixed in it?
  • Hi, the 1.45 version is only about RaceDAC support, and it is the final version. I haven't heard of this problem before, maybe it's specific of your phone or the session in question. You could try moving the session files to PC and open it in the Windows version. Or maybe remove descriptions etc if same problem is there too.
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