default PID - change min/max

i've been playing with PIDs recently, and the default throttle position sensor is only detected as 13%-79%, and not 0-100%. is there a way to tweak RCP to make an overlay display 0%-100%?


  • In my experience.... while the data output might only be 13-79. When I do video overlay output it scales it to 0-100 scale. I could be wrong, been awhile since I have done it, but I had the same concern at one point.
  • 1) There is "scaled" option for the "Throttle position" or "Accelerator position" gauges in overlay editor. It will scale the min-max values to 0-100%, but will do it only for the gauge, not graphs etc.

    2) You can add custom OBD-II channel to override the standard OBD-II channel that you're using.

    Channel: Select the channel you're replacing, for example "Accelerator position".

    PID: Use the PID of the channel you're replacing, for example "0x 01 49" for "Accelerator position" channel. The first byte 0x01 is for OBD-II mode for standard PIDs and following bytes are for the actual PID, in this case 0x49.

    Equation: Write equation to scale the values. There is currently no convenient scaling function so it's a bit complicated. The default equation for "Accelerator position" is "bytesToUint(raw, 0, 1) / 2.55" so that needs to be modified to scale these values.

    "(bytesToUint(raw, 0, 1) / 2.55) - 13.0" would move to base from 13-79% to 0-66%.

    "((bytesToUint(raw, 0, 1) / 2.55) - 13.0) / 0.66" would move to base and scale from 13-79% to 0-100%.

    "max(0, ((bytesToUint(raw, 0, 1) / 2.55) - 13.0) / 0.66)" would move to base and scale from 13-79% to 0-100%, and prevent negative values.

    "min(100, max(0, ((bytesToUint(raw, 0, 1) / 2.55) - 13.0) / 0.66))" would move to base and scale from 13-79% to 0-100%, and prevent negative values and values over 100%.

  • Hello, I have a RaceDac but the seller is not responding to anything anymore :( . Is this 'scale' function within RaceChrono? I can only choose rpm/digital2 and analog 1-8 in racechrono without any overlay options. RaceDac also sometimes errorous logs 30.000 rpms and this sets the scale to max 30k. Can you limit the scales in RaceChrono?
  • Hello, did you heard some news from the seller ?

    I am looking for a data acquisition module with bluetooth and analogic inputs (no ODBII for my part :-( ) ... Race Dac seems to be the good solution ...
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