Export crashes

My export keeps crashing with "Failed: Process died" after a short time.
What's happening and how do I cure it?


  • Which export type is it that crashes? And which phone?
  • Sorry, should have been specific.
    It's an Android Nuu A1 with a 32GB SD card, 25GB free. Trying to export overlaid video of the whole session, ~3 minutes, which sometimes crashes immediately the export is started, sometimes after a short time, up to 10% of the run. App permissions are running, nothing else.Turning off app permissions management has no effect. When it crashes the screen goes black apart from the icons at the top but, the RaceChrono icon top left disappears. The export session screen returns after a few seconds with the "add to queue" button faded out.
    I'd be most grateful for assistance with this problem.
  • aolaol
    edited October 2019
    Is this problem specific to one session, or does it pretty much happen all the time? The overlaid video export relies heavily on the hardware, and it would be great if we could narrow down this problem, to either this specific hardware in general, or just this one session.
  • It happens all the time, and I now believe that it is my hardware. Hardware acceleration has been turned off and one test export went through OK. I haven't tried any others yet but will do and report.
  • aolaol
    edited October 2019
    If it happens on every session, then it's the hardware. That phone seems really low end, so it might just be the graphics chip is not up for the task. If you uncheck the hardware acceleration setting, it will use a software codec (CPU) instead of the graphics chip. It's much slower but at least it usually works.
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