Which phone / GPS receiver should I buy? Report your experiences here



  • ferrarist75: can you try with older version: http://www.racechrono.com/beta/RaceChrono_v206_Android.apk

    I have some reports that on some rare devices the bluetooth does not connect with the new versions. Let me know if the old version works for you or not. It will help me to pin point the problem, and possibly fix it for the next new version.
  • would symbian version 1.45 support Garmin GLO ?
  • Hi, the Symbian version unfortunately does not support the Garmin GLO.
  • thx anyway
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    Huawei U8600-1 ( telekom move )
    Android 2.3.5
    140g , long lasting battery , cheap but solid
    works fine with RC 2.21 and Q818XT @ 10Hz

    unfortunately i have to wait for racedac support and gauges ( tab through the channels to see live data )
    so i will stay with 1.45 until the next release
  • Norman, RaceDAC and gauges are almost done, I will create a beta group for that soon.
  • i would like to join that beta group ;-)

    - posibility to rename gauges form analog1 to eg. TPS etc.
    - auto reconnect to racedac after lost connection ( old version you have to pause and resume )
  • The reconnect problem might be a bug, never intended it like that. I'll make sure that the Android version can reconnect.
  • China tablet Cube u30gt-h with android 4.1.1. Large screen good hardware. Works with Q18XT at 10hz.
    Looking forward to test this on track. Used Nokia 5800 before, good device but a bit small screen.
  • Motorola Defy running a 2.3 custom ROM (CyanogenMod 7), paired with a QSTARZ BT-818X (5 Hz) . Works perfectly. The Defy is a really good phone for the track. It's Motorola's tough phone. It's cheap. You can drop it, kick it around the pits, get it wet, pack it with the tools and it still keeps humming along. My old Qstarz has survived 5 years of track abuse as well - has now clocked up over 600 race sessions on Android and S60.
  • Samsung Galaxy i9000 With CyanogenMod 10.1 / Android 4.2.2 in combination with Q818XT @ 10Hz | Racechrono is switching Hz.
    1 Hz / 1.7 Hz / 5 Hz / 10 Hz.

    Alcatel 1 touch 918 (Android 2.3.6) with Q818XT @ 10Hz works perfect @ 10Hz. I bought the Alcatel for €65 euro. So it's a cheap android phone.

    Is there a way to fix the Hz problem with my galaxy S1 (i9000)?

  • Slowchicane, there is one way currently, but it's rather inconvenient. QSTARZ ships with configuration software that you can enable / disable some NMEA sentences. You can use it to enable only GGA and RMC and disable everything else. If you do that, you must check the "do not modify GPS settings" from RaceChrono device settings, otherwise RaceChrono will reset the GPS.
  • I use an AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH-I337, Android v4.2.2, with a Qstar 818XT, and the setup works flawlessly. I am acquiring a VBox Sport this week, will report back.
  • I am using Racecrono (lately v2.34) Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300, android v4.1.2) with Garmin GLO in Karting and the setup is great. GPS update rate seem to oscillate between 10 to 5 Hz disregarding expert - or any other - settings but that's no real issue.

    Earlier used Galaxy S3 internal GPS but the location accuracy was poor, and you sometimes got weird looking lap traces. With Garmin GLO there is almost always enough satellites in view to have accurate enough location and the better GPS update rate is also huge plus. Definitely worth of every (100) euros.
  • i use HTC One V (android 4.x.) with Race Chrono 2.34 with internal GPS. I used it now on 5 different tracks and the results are different. The app itselve is rock solid but i encountered gps leaps on several tracks. Can't understand why 'cause f.e. in Assen/NL it worked fine in may 2013 but in august there were many leaps. Same in Spa. ( if i remember right there has been an update of racechrono in between).
    in May it worked with a delta up to 0,2 sec comparted with transmitter. Great App!
  • surfdiver: As always I recommend external Bluetooth GPS for any serious use. Sorry to say that the internal GPS are just too unreliable, no matter which phone!
  • you're right aol. :-) That's exactly what i plan to buy...
  • Hi all, does anybody have any experience using Race Chrono with a HTC One S and a Qstarz 818XT (10Hz) combination. Was thinking about buying the 818XT and just wanted to make sure it would all work together.
    Thanks very much!
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    Simon, I don't have experience on One S hardware, but have you considered buying Garmin GLO instead of XT? My users say the GLO is much more accurate.
  • Hi aol, thanks for your response. I hadn't considered the Garmin, the XT came up after a few people who are already using one recommended it but I might look into the Garmin, thanks.
  • Hello again! Just bought the Qstarz 818XT (sorry AOL it was cheaper than the Garmin, hopefully this won't backfire!) and did a little test with RaceChrono and my HTC One S just around London where i live. My device was only showing being connected to 9 satellites and the trace of the session on RC was showing me mostly inside other peoples houses, 10m - 15m away from my actual location.
    Is it common for GPS positions to be less accurate in London (too many buildings maybe?) or should i be looking for some other issue?
    The device selected in RC was GPS Bluetooth Receiver and the I removed the phones internal GPS from the list of devices entirely.
    Any assistance greatly appreciated, thanks!!
  • Sounds normal, but depends how tall and how close the buildings are. Usually when the buildings block most satellites the GPS precision suffers a lot. The signal bounces from the walls causing distortion. Race track situation will be completely different... XT will probably be good enough unless you're going to Nordschleife where it will be in trouble in some parts of the track.
  • nexus 4 (Android 4.3) with a Qstarz BT-818XT. I had 1hrz preset to 5hrz. Everything worked perfectly.

    I tried it before with just the internal gps sensor and it lost track of me a few times.
  • HTC one x and Acer iconia a510 tablet both work fantastic just need a 10hz GPS next
  • I have a Samsung Galaxy Y GT S5360 (Android 2.3.6)
    (very cheap)

    it works perfectly with internal GPS.
    One thing : the screen is too small and "add split button" (in new track - add traps) appears in half,
    that makes very difficult to create the circuit while driving.

    Is there any solution to this?

    thank you for this brilliant program!
  • MarcusM, can you see it if you rotate the screen (with the rotate button in timer screen)?
  • Does it work on Jolla phone? :)
  • Silwer, they claim they support Android apps, but I doubt it will work. RaceChrono needs NDK support and Google APIs to work. So basic Android is not enough unfortunately.
  • Hello.
    I had just done 2 days at sydney motor sport park. Gp circuit with my samsung galaxy s 3 just using the internal gps & most sessions only recorded a couple of laps out of a 20min session. The logging track was all over the map & cut parts of the track. Is there any way to get a more accurate logging-lap time? Or do I need to get a 10hz gps receiver.
  • shayno, I'm afraid you need to buy an external GPS. Best in my experience is Garmin GLO.
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