Change log for RaceChrono v4.7.1 for Android
August 9th, 2016 by aol

Change log for RaceChrono v4.7.1 for Android (9.8.2016):

  • Export start and end time can now be freely defined
  • Graphs can now be zoomed in to 0.01 seconds / 2 meters / 0.001 miles
  • Higher bitrates are now used for video exports with 4K and 1080p resolutions, especially with ‘very high quality’ setting
  • Video sync information is now included in the exported .VBO files, and other minor improvements
  • Added $RC3 input format with gyro and more analog channels for DIY data loggers
  • Added privacy policy, forum and Facebook links to About screen
  • Fixed: GoPro remote control crashes when malformed IP-address configured
  • Fixed: Missing title for lean angle channel in .CSV and .VBO files
  • Fixed: Too low resolution example video downloaded for some devices with 720p display
  • Fixed: Overlay editor had wrong title for Timer gauges (‘Horizontal’)
  • Fixed: Session fragment selection not visible in export screen
  • Fixed: Video export PIP-channel selection broken for session with multiple fragments
  • Fixed: Video sync not always saved after editing
  • Fixed: Missing decimals for Air/Fuel ratio channel
  • Fixed: Crash when unselecting OBD-II channels while recording

Change log for RaceChrono v4.6.7 for Android (13.7.2016):

  • Fixed: Comparison lap not always displayed correctly (graph and map)
  • Fixed: Default value displayed incorrectly for X-axis scaling

Change log for RaceChrono v4.6.6 for Android (22.5.2016):

  • Re-enabled video analysis window when a session has no video. Disabling it was a bad decision, as it is useful even without actual video!
  • Fixed: Analysis gauges had no data if track was not selected
  • Fixed: Issue with background downloads
  • Fixed: Tile update glitch on Google Maps v1 and simple map

Change log for RaceChrono v4.6.5 for Android (21.5.2016):

  • Added video example session, with downloadable raw video
  • Sort example tracks and sessions to bottom of the list
  • Hide analysis video window if session has no videos
  • Disabled exporting for example sessions
  • Fixed: Possibly fixed issue with “Application error” message on startup (Pro)
  • Fixed: Crash when started on an old device without memory card or with USB storage mounted
  • Fixed: Track edits not always saved
  • Fixed: My location -button not visible in track editor
  • Fixed: Toolbar buttons not always visible when opening a shared session
  • Fixed: Missing metadata when importing v1.45 sessions

Change log for RaceChrono v4.5.2 for Android (12.5.2016):

  • Upgraded to new software codec. It supports exporting .MOV files according the source format, and has audio stream passthrough to allow any source audio format
  • Fixed: Fixed software codec video exporting for files from SJCAM SJ4000 action camera
  • Fixed: Extra export queue item was added when screen was rotated
  • Fixed: Broken expert setting ‘Raw video folder’

Change log for RaceChrono v4.5.1 for Android (10.5.2016):

  • Fixed: Graph legend bugs
  • Fixed: Missing Spanish strings
  • Fixed: Crash after saving imported session

Change log for RaceChrono v4.5.0 for Android (4.5.2016):

  • New content location: Prior versions of RaceChrono used to save sessions and tracks in an unprotected ‘RaceChrono’ folder at the device storage root. This is no longer safe, so the content is now moved to app’s protected folder. Please note that the new folder will be deleted upon app’s uninstall!
  • Added GPS lean angle -channel (Pro, analysis pack)
  • Added Averaging filter for GPS lateral and longitudinal accelerations
  • Added support for GoPro HERO 2 + WiFi BacPac (Pro)
  • Added Flip horizontally -option for Picture-in-picture overlay (Pro)
  • Added “Unlink” action for videos. Unlinks a video from the session without deleting it (Pro)
  • Added persistence to front/rear camera setting (Pro)
  • Added “custom raw video folder” expert setting. It allows users to access videos directly from USB drives (Pro)
  • Fixed: Invalid latitude/longitude values from GPS are now filtered out
  • Fixed: First user created track was never auto-detected
  • Fixed: Ugly blank white startup screen
  • Fixed: Graph comparison value was not displayed when session had been resumed with different device or device numbers
  • Fixed: Manage content -screen is launched multiple times when device is rotated
  • Fixed: Lap list summary drop down headers texts not visible (on Android 6.0)
  • Fixed: Delete option was displayed for non-existing video files
  • Fixed: Workaround to sharing bug with new DropBox app
  • Fixed: Never ending progress indicator when phone was rotated during app start
  • Fixed: Too small seek bar touch area (Android 6.0)
  • Fixed: Small bug in GoPro currently recorded video file detection (Pro)
  • Fixed: Camera preview might become upside down when switching between front and rear camera (Pro)
  • Fixed: Live screen was not rotated to actual orientation when session is started from Tag Heuer Connected watch
  • Fixed: Updated Tag Heuer app to use a new Google API as old one is now deprecated

Change log for RaceChrono v4.3.9 for Android:

  • Fixed: OBD-II graphs not displayed, broken in v4.3.7

Change log for RaceChrono v4.3.8 for Android:

  • Fixed: GoPro 3 support, broken in v4.3.7

Change log for RaceChrono v4.3.7 for Android:

  • Fixed: OBD-II channels broken in shared sessions
  • Fixed: Progress bar for shared sessions
  • Fixed: Missing logging for GoPro 3 remote control feature

Change log for RaceChrono v4.3.6 for Android (19.11.2015):

  • Google Maps V1 API is no longer required. Simple map is used as fallback if Maps V1 or V2 APIs are not installed on device.
  • Workaround: Compensation for faulty GPS receivers moving time backwards on some circumstance, and causing too fast lap time. QSTARZ and possibly other MTK-II chipset receivers are known to do this rarely. The backwards movement is now just added to the GPS time recorded by RaceChrono.
  • Fixed: Internal sensors time stamps on some devices. This caused invalid session time.
  • Fixed: Chinese (simplified) translation was displayed for users in Chinese (traditional) regions. Now defaults to English until Chinese (traditional) translation is done.
  • Fixed: Standing start was detected even when outside the start area
  • Fixed: Video controls were hidden after 5 seconds even when syncing video

Change log for RaceChrono v4.3.5 for Android (8.11.2015):

  • Added micro-app for Tag Heuer Connected Watch and free Pro upgrade for the watch owners
  • Implemented Pro upgrade in-app-purchase, enables all features of RaceChrono Pro (Free)
  • Implemented free trial for Pro upgrade (Free)
  • Implemented gift codes (Free)
  • Added Chinese (simplified) and Japanese translation
  • Sessions that are stopped before any content is recorded, are now automatically deleted. This can be caused if there is no connection to GPS receiver or satellites during the session.
  • Login no longer required for accessing nearby tracks from track library
  • Significantly smaller application package size: Software codec (FFmpeg) for video exports is now downloaded only when needed (Pro)
  • Fine-tuning of analog gauges (Pro)
  • Upgrade

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