Change log for RaceChrono v2.90 for Android
April 22nd, 2014 by aol

Change log for RaceChrono v2.90 for Android (22.4.2014):

  • French, German, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese translations
  • Title and description can be now entered for sessions
  • Improved Live screen
  • Google Authentication
  • Added ‘My location’ button to track editor
  • Configurable update rate for exporting for .CSV and .VBO formats
  • Added support to x86 and armeabi-v7a processor architectures
  • RaceDAC improvements
  • Removed MTK-II GPS settings modification feature
  • Numerous bugfixes

Change log for RaceChrono v2.45 for Android (11.1.2014):

  • Temperature units are now selectable Celsius/Fahrenheit
  • Pressure units are now selectable Bar/PSI/kPa
  • Implemented OBD-II channels: Absolute throttle position A/B and Accelerator pedal position C/D/F
  • Clean up of export/ and import/ folders on startup
  • Allowed Play Store installation to devices without internal GPS
  • Improved the shared RCZ files
  • Fixed: OBD-II protocol selection on some readers
  • Fixed: OBD-II distance channels were dropped from session shares
  • Fixed: Possible crash during sharing a session

Change log for RaceChrono v2.44 for Android (21.10.2013):

  • Fixed: Startup crash for new installs

Change log for RaceChrono v2.43 for Android (20.10.2013):

  • Added chipset selection to GPS device settings
  • Fixed: Garmin GLO incompatibility (on Android 4.3 devices).
  • Fixed: Circuit Tools (.vbo) export crash
  • Fixed: Unreadable drop down menus (on Android 2.3.7 and earlier)
  • Fixed: Importing shared sessions that had been resumed
  • Fixed: Incorrect Total Time when sharing session as e-mail
  • Fixed: Error message when importing a shared session fails
  • Fixed: Accuracy channel when recording with internal GPS
  • Fixed: Shadows in lap list (on Android 2.3 and earlier)
  • Fixed: Few possible crashes

Change log for RaceChrono v2.40 for Android (13.10.2013):

  • Easy one-click sharing of tracks and sessions (through email, Dropbox, Google Drive or any other sharing app you have installed)
  • Sharing of exported files
  • Exporting to Circuit Tools and Performance Tools (.vbo format)
  • Renewed visuals
  • Improved CPU usage
  • More descriptive export file names
  • Renamed “Fragment 0″, “Fragment 1″, “Fragment 2″… to “Session start”, “Session resume 1″, “Session resume 2″ …
  • Fixed: Download button not visible in track view. Track download was possible only when running a session.
  • Fixed: Analysis lap selection not updated when “Comparison graph” setting is changed
  • Fixed: Missing graph x/y-scale lines on devices such as Nexus 7
  • Fixed: Numerous small bug fixes
  • Fixed: Exported (.csv and .nmea) time was not UTC-timezone as it should

Change log for RaceChrono v2.34 for Android (8.8.2013):

  • New OBD-II channels: Relative accelerator pedal position, Engine fuel rate and Engine oil temperature (notice not all channels are supported by all cars)
  • Fixed: Exports of special stage laps were missing last sector. For example, laps from Nordschleife BTG were affected by this. This bug was introduced in v2.30.
  • Fixed: Simple map zooming problem (when switching map type)
  • Fixed: Preserving map state when switching to other apps
  • Fixed: Connection problems to some cheap OBD-II readers with Android 4.2.2 and 4.3
  • Fixed: Possible live map crash

Change log for RaceChrono v2.33 for Android (24.7.2013):

  • Added button to change map type everywhere. Removed redundant map type setting from analysis settings.

Change log for RaceChrono v2.32 for Android (16.7.2013):

  • Fixed: Support for “HHOBD Advanced” OBD-II reader
  • Fixed: OBD-II parser re-initialize bug
  • Fixed: Crash when either no fast or no slow OBD-II were selected

Change log for RaceChrono v2.31 for Android (15.7.2013):

  • Fixed: Broken example session on new installs
  • Fixed: Rare crashes when loading track lists
  • (+ Updated external libraries and compiler)

Change log for RaceChrono v2.30 for Android (14.7.2013):

  • Trial feature*): Support for OBD-II readers
  • Trial feature*): Support for RaceDAC data loggers (and others supporting $RC1 and $RC2 sentences)
  • Trial feature*): Support for VBOX Sport over Bluetooth connection
  • Gauges added to Live Timer, click on the small ones to make them bigger
  • Faster application startup
  • New device settings screens
  • New Comma Separated Values (.CSV) export format with all data from all devices
  • Expert setting “Save Device Output”: Raw device output (such as NMEA) is saved to session folder the setting is turned on
  • Expert setting “Bluetooth fix”: If you’re able to pair your device, but it remains disconnected, you might give this setting a go
  • Track list now allows swiping left and right to switch tab
  • Session meta data saved more frequently to prevent data loss on crash
  • Small fixes/improvements in track editor
  • New graph colours
  • Fixed: Live map type was changed to road map, if that was previously used in analysis
  • Fixed: Fixed missing trap name for CSV export (format v1)
  • Fixed: NMEA exports had missing fix type, if the session did not have that channel
  • Fixed: Screen was allowed to turn off when adding traps in live recording
  • Fixed: Empty Nearby Tracks list when no network location available
  • Fixed: The “Scan for devices” button in Bluetooth device selection was left behind the list of devices, if the list was too long
  • Fixed: Importing of old RaceChrono version 1.x sessions that have OBD-II or RaceDAC channels (graphs did not work with distance x-axis)
  • Fixed: Marking optimal lap as invalid was allowed, which caused a crash
  • Fixed: Zero distance was displayed to tracks with no traps at all
  • Fixed: Track auto-detection was using tracks missing start or finish
  • Fixed: “Add traps” button in Live Recording did nothing when start line was added, but not the finish
  • Fixed: Pressing home button in Live Recording and then starting from icon menu caused application to start in main menu

*) Trial features will be premium features available through in-app purchases in future. For testing period these will be available for free for everyone.

Change log for RaceChrono v2.21 for Android (16.3.2013):

  • Fixed: Broken NMEA exporting
  • Fixed: Crash when exiting track editor before track was loaded
  • Fixed: Possibly some other crashes

Change log for RaceChrono v2.20 for Android (24.2.2013):

  • Finally implemented Standing Start traps
  • Configurable high/low markers in analyzing map. By default this is configured to Speed, which shows up corner and straight speeds nicely.
  • Configurable driving line color in analyzing map. By default this is configured to Longitudinal Acceleration, which shows up braking and acceleration points.
  • Graph map can be changed between Satellite, Roadmap and Simple modes. Simple mode has just black background, so it does not cause any data transfer.
  • Added support for hardware accelerated graphics
  • An ‘Update rate’ channel added for all devices
  • New easier to use live timer
  • Dropped Android 2.1 support (devices with Android 2.1 will get the RaceChrono v2.11 from Play Store)
  • Improved graphics and usability in track editor
  • Fixed: Duplicate data was saved when stopped recording at certain multiples (of number of data points)
  • Fixed: Delay occurred when opening long sessions

Change log for RaceChrono v2.11 for Android (16.9.2012):

  • Added Garmin GLO support (an excellent 10 Hz Bluetooth GPS/GLONASS receiver)
  • Added track counts to Track Library
  • Fixed: Broken support for some Bluetooth GPS receivers on Android 4.x (Atleast some Holux models)
  • Fixed: Reloading Track Library did not properly update Unofficial and Pending review category
  • Fixed: Pending review category in Track Library was missing most of the tracks

Change log for RaceChrono v2.10 for Android (10.9.2012):

  • Selectible absolute or relative timing in lap list
  • Selectible “Sectors” and “Splits” mode in lap list (“Trap speed” and “Hi/lo speeds” coming later)
  • Quick selection for lap and comparison lap when analyzing laps
  • Quick selection for session fragment when analyzing session route
  • Comparison graph is now drawn also when analyzing sectors
  • Added Refresh button in session list
  • Add example track and session to the package
  • Added expert setting “Do not modify GPS” to disable modification of MTK chipset settings
  • Added expert setting “Record internal sensors” to enable recording of internal accelerometer and gyroscope (note this is an experimental feature that may be changed or removed later)
  • Fixed: Optimal lap calculation (occurred when some laps had missed split traps)
  • Fixed: Text on map flags did not scale according to screen pixel density
  • Fixed: Crash when opened graph settings when session was still empty
  • Fixed: Rare crash when exiting track editor
  • Fixed: Wrong minus symbol on exports on some locale
  • Fixed: Invalid comparison graph after switching track
  • Fixed: Refresh button logic in track list

Change log for RaceChrono v2.06 for Android (23.7.2012):

  • Fixed: Exporting was broken when using locales with comma decimal separator (French, Finnish)…
  • Fixed: Rare crash when stopping recording

Change log for RaceChrono v2.05 for Android (22.7.2012):

  • Dropped the beta postfix!
  • Session exporting to CSV and NMEA 0183 formats. The CSV format is tested with RaceRender2, DashWare and RaceChrono2AVI video generators.
  • Added lateral and longitudinal acceleration channels calculated from GPS data
  • Fixed: Now ignoring data if GPS time goes backwards

Change log for RaceChrono v2.04 beta for Android (3.7.2012):

  • Fixed: Samsung Galaxy S2 with Android 4.0.3 had Bluetooth problems. I created a workaround to keep the Bluetooth connection alive.
  • Fixed: Rare graph crash
  • Fixed: Virtual keyboard was not hidden correctly in track editor
  • Fixed: Entered name was lost while editing the trap

Change log for RaceChrono v2.03 beta for Android (11.6.2012):

  • Fixed: Crash when opening very long sessions (>100 laps without pausing)

Change log for RaceChrono v2.02 beta for Android (10.6.2012):

  • Fixed: Automatic track detection crashed the app frequently (bug introduced in v2.01)

Change log for RaceChrono v2.01 beta for Android (9.6.2012):

  • Longer battery life when recording (less CPU usage)
  • Fixed: Automatic track detection worked only on first session (since application start)
  • Fixed: Automatic track detection did not work if not signed in to My RaceChrono
  • Fixed: Rare crash when recording or opening session
  • Fixed: Crash when opening track editor when latest session (or resume) had no plots
  • Fixed: Track editor was in invalid state after removing traps
  • Fixed: Graph/Driving line was not visible (at first) in Route analyzer

Change log for RaceChrono v2.00.7 beta for Android (3.6.2012), since Preview4:

  • Main screen now allows landscape mode.
  • Created settings view with metric/english units, device configuration etc.
  • Added features for managing My RaceChrono account.
  • Warning is displayed if internal GPS is used but it is not enabled.
  • Warning/Disclaimer pop-up appers on application start-up. This can be disabled from settings.
  • Improved icons
  • Fixed: Could not use the app after USB storage was first mounted, but unmounted afterwards.
  • Fixed: Multiple crashes when viewing graphs
  • Fixed: Nearby tracks list sorting issue

22 Responses to “Change log for RaceChrono v2.90 for Android”

  1. Andrey Says:

    Can’t update old version – G Play doesn’t show “update” button while I definately see that my version currently installed is old one.

  2. Andrey Says:

    SOLVED! Installed new version by downloading .apk file from your site. Had to turn on external sources…
    For some reason app is not shown in the list when i open “My apps” in GPlay. Anyway – works fine now, Thanks!

  3. Axon Says:

    Good job !
    Vocal synthétiser, is it possible to add ?

  4. gtommi Says:

    “Added expert setting “Do not modify GPS” to disable modification of MTK chipset settings”
    When, where and why useful this settings?

  5. aol Says:

    gtommi: Only if you’re modifying GPS settings manually and don’t want RaceChrono to override them

  6. Jaco2k Says:

    Is there any ETA for OBD? ;)

  7. gtommi Says:


  8. lolloterror Says:

    Hello Antti,
    I got problems whit a chinese android device, it seems that cannot see the GPS (qstarz 810) with the racechrono app, with other GPS log apps it works!
    Pls help me for this issue!

  9. lolloterror Says:

    I forgot to say that on my Chinese android device is installed Android 2.3.4 version.

  10. lolloterror Says:

    update, I tried the same 2.11 version on an HTC Wildfire with Android 2.2 and also with this device was impossible to connect the external GPS, is it a bug?

  11. Kawiman Says:

    Excellent, this was actually the only reason why I kept my WM6 phone and while there were similar apps for android, it is still second to none.
    One single complain would be the lack of performance tests which were available in the old version. Is it planned to include it?
    Other question is whether there is a way to donate the development?

  12. aol Says:

    Kawlman: Performance testing is quite common request, and I do plan to include it once I’m happy with the lap timing features. You can donate at (see the donate button at the top).

  13. Ian Hendra Says:

    MyRaceChrono sign-in is Bigfla. I use a Samsung Galaxy S2. Questions for you, please.
    1. Does your pdf manual apply to the Android version?
    2. How do I get to MyRaceChrono?
    3. Is there a video mode (like Trackmaster or Harry’s Lap Timer for the iPhone)?4. How do I use racechrono2avi to make overlays on videos (eg from Trackmaster)?

    By the way, I prefer the look and feel of RaceChrono to Trackmaster.


  14. wonder99 Says:

    Hi, RaceChrono is my current favourite app for the track, but one thing is bothering me–I can’t access OBD-II PID 0×49, Accelerator Pedal position D. I have logged various pedal parameters in other programs, and they all give slightly different curves. The one above is the true measure of my physical pedal, which is what I want. Please consider adding this PID soon.

  15. Gerhard Moerth Says:

    Hello, thanks for the great app. But i miss some ODB-II channels. The most important are “break pedal”, “gear number”, “steering angle”. I would appreciate if you could even support this. Best regards Gerhard

  16. Anton Says:

    Good afternoon. When will the performance tests on Android? Installed version 2.34.

  17. aol Says:

    Hi, unfortunately the Performance Testing has been delayed once again for various reasons… It’s under work, but I need to gather the momentum to finish it. The “engine” parts have been done, but the UI is mostly still missing :(

  18. Mel Says:

    I really like the new sharing feature for pushing my sessions to Google Drive. Is there a way to import the rcz files back into RaceChrono? I like to record the sessions on my phone, but analyse them later ln my tablet. Currently, I copy the session folders from the RaceChrono folder to Drive then to my tablet, but if I could do it with the new sharing feature instead, that would be much more convenient.

    Thanks for the great app!

  19. aol Says:

    Mel, you should be able to open the .RCZ file from Google Drive and Dropbox directly to RaceChrono… is it not working for you? Which OS version and device?

  20. Mel Says:

    Hi aol. Perhaps I am just not able to find the function. I’m using RC 2.44 on a Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 2013, both running Android 4.3. Where should I see the functionally for accessing shared sessions? I am able to share the sessions out, but can’t find the UI control to import or connect to the shared sessions.

    I looked at the settings for a “shared folder” sort of setting, but didn’t find one. If you would like any screen captures, just email me.


  21. aol Says:

    Mel, you should be able to open the .RCZ file by clicking it in Android’s Download app for example. Or from Dropbox app. Gmail and Google drive should work as well.

  22. Mel Says:

    Ah, that’s simple. Yes, it works great.

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