GoPro gps merge

Hi @aol

The gopro8 has 3.7GB in each video. It‘s about 5 minute with 2K resolution.

When I recording over 5 minute then get more than one .mp4 files.

After merge two or more videos and I cannot found any methods import to RaceChrono Pro successfully. One video is Okay.

Therfore I cannot get ALL session data to analysis tracking.

Any comment?


  • Do I understand correctly that you want to import the session GPS data from the GoPro video files? You can add all the pieces to import screen before pressing start.
  • @aol Got it. I get all GPS data after add all gopro video.
    And export single video size limited is 3.7GB?
  • It will split exported file to multiple pieces, if it goes over 4 GB. You can upload multiple pieces to YouTube too.
  • @aol Thanks your help.
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