throttle & gears?

I need to modify my RC files somehow?

First the throttle data (from an Obdkey) is maxing at @86% WOT and not 100% and hence looks bad on the Trackvision Motec gps overlay. I believe I can use Excell or some other tool (any Mac based?) that can change this from 86 to 100 and adjust everything in relation???

The other issue is, I have no direct braking data but I do notice the red brake on some of the Trackvision overlays with sliders but on the Motec there is nothing on the brake. Could the csv also be adjusted to make the brake go red based on braking gforce from the gps???

Lastly...I have no gear data..I really though I was getting this with the Obdkey. Apparently this is fairly easy to derive. I do not have a lap driven in each gear at a constant rpm to make this really there a way to derive this data and ultimately insert it in to TV Motec???

BTW...I have never gotten Danas to really work...probably just me...but Danas has a gear calc section where you can input values???...could I export RC to Danas, add the gearing in a post process and then export Danas to a work around???

I hope future RC will export all data channels including Odbkey to Danas too.

Any suggestions appreciated,



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    You can calculate the throttle opening, with 86% being the maximum by typing:


    into a cell on the spreadsheet, where G1 is the first cell in the throttle column. You can then paste the results back into the throttle column.

    As for the braking using the G meter, I suspect that's easy to do but I'm not sure what the format is for the brake column. The RPM is related to speed and gear. If you know what speed youre doing at a certain RPM in each gear, you can calculate the gear from that data.

    If I had a sample file, I could write a VBScript that would normalise the data, calculate the gear and add the brake data, based on negative G. Is there a sample CSV file with all the data in it? If so, I'll knock up a quick script to parse it.
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    I think someone here converted the G values to theoretical braking column. Last year or so. Try searching this forum.
  • thanks for the replies! Here is the original export in "traveled route"

    not sure if this has what you need but I think it is the most complete export.

  • Right, I've written a script that normalises the throttle % column, ascertains the current gear and sets the brake column. All I need to know is the column headings for brake/gear, whether the brake should be "ON"/"OFF" or "1"/"0" or 0-100%, and whether neutral should be shown as "0", "n" or "N". Let me know and I'll produce the script for you to try out.
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    Tony from Trackvision gave me this after reading this thread:

    Gear channel heading = Gear , neutral value = 0
    Brake channel heading = Brake Flag, values = 1 [on], 0 [off]

  • Here's a quick (and dirty) script. Just run it and it'll open up Internet Explorer for you to fill in a form for the CSV file you want to modify, the CSV you want to create, the maximum throttle % in the input CSV file and the speed (in MPH) you're going at 3000rpm in each gear. Leave any gears you don't have blank. If you've got an 8-speed gearbox, then tough!
  • andylaurence...WOW THANKS!!!...I owe you!!!

    I did some basic testing and this resolves the throttle issue and adds the brake column with 1 and 0...the gears do not load properly though???

    I entered 77% for throttle
    I entered this for gears (found a porsche 993 gear calc online...figured it should be close)
    when I enter these I get a few 1s and 2s that's all.

    As for Trackvision...the end product here, the throttle works great but the gearing I'm not sure yet and the brake does not display. I have inquired to Trackvision about I will get back to you soon...thanks again. Here is a link to the original and modified files
  • I think the gearing calculator you used may not be representative of your car. I played around with your file whilst I wrote the script and, from memory, I used 19, 28, 39 & 51. If you open the data in Excel, put "=J12/Q12*3000" in the first available column and repeat that all the way down the column (drag the bottom-right corner of the box), then you'll get the speed in gear at 3000rpm in that column. Pick a number that's about right for each gear. I find it helpful to plot a graph of that column. The script checks to see if you're within 3mph of that speed. Note that it'll show neutral between gears and when the clutch is depressed.
  • Hi Andy,

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  • It's just occurred to me that if the driven wheels are spinning, which they often will be, the RPM/speed value will change as the speed is from GPS data and the RPM is directly related to the driven wheel speed. This could be part of the problem with your setup. Still, it's nice to know that you can see wheelspin by comparing wheel speed via OBD and GPS speed.
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