Create Rallycross track.

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Just a few questions regarding setting up a rallycross track.

As you probably know well, rallycross starts in a standing start, on a startgrid outside of the track, and finishes off a line, who is part of the track.

When I create a track with "start grid" and "finish line" it records the run from the start to the finish line (7sec on the initial start) as a separate lap.

I need to mark the first lap (first 7sec) invalid, in order to wiev sector times etc.

I want those 7sec, from start grid, to first crossing of the finish line, to be part of the actual Lap 1, is that possible?

(data is collected via Racelogic Vbox Sport)


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    I think it's not possible to have "full first lap" for a session like that in the current app. The start is always the lap 1, and the rest of the first lap will be lap 2. The start/finish line is always trigged, and RaceChrono does not have additional rules for it.
  • Ahh, ok! Too bad.

    Would it make any difference if I changed the "start grid" to "start line"?

  • No, the first lap will end when the finish line is crossed either way :)
  • I just have to think of the start as a way to measure reaction/launch timing :p

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