n95 wont connect to BT gps

Hi i am having trouble connecting to the Bt gps on my N95 .The Bt is paired but will not connected to race chrono .Have tryed turn both on and off..


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    Hi, few things you can do:

    1) Remove battery and insert again
    2) Recharge the battery (on some receivers sometimes this really works)
    3) Make sure no other program is connecting to the GPS at the same time
  • If you use more the 1 GPS receiver then it might give you problems. In the past I had to delete all but the 1 I was using.
  • Have tried all of the above and still wont connect .The race chrono pairs with the bt gps but still wont connect..
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    What is the brand and model of the GPS? Is it possible to test with other GPS receiver?
  • The Bt gps is a Bluenext bn906gps the race chrono pairs with it but wont connect .Have also tried with a 5800 with same outcome..
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    All right...

    Maybe it's not detected as GPS by RaceChrono (the Bluetooth profile for it is somehow 'funny'). You can try one thing though:

    1) Enable Bluetooth GPS from your phone's "location > positioning methods" settings (this is in settings OR the location app depending on the phone). Disable the internal GPS from same settings.

    2) Pair the Bluetooth GPS with the phone if not already done.

    3) Set RaceChrono setting "Settings > GPS receiver > GPS type" to "Internal GPS" (yes, seems like it's contradicting, but this setting is actually "Managed by Operating System").

    4) Start a session, your phone should now connect to the Bluetooth GPS.
  • I have just tried that the race chrono is picking up 6 satellites .The bt gps is picking up satelites but the Bt gps light is flashing and should be soild .I this still working on the bt on internal gps.
  • Ok finaly got this working thanks for you help ..
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