Internal memory/SD Card problem on Android

I'm trying the app these days but I have a huge problem. I'd wish to only use the export to vbo files from my Gopro videos. Problem is my phone has 16GB of internal memory, and my videos are 15 minutes long and weight 5GB. When I insert the gopro sd card in my phone, on import it starts copying the video it seems on the internal memory of the phone, and that's just impossible that my phone has 5GB free at any time (33% of the phone memory lol)... Is there a way to avoid this transfer and do everything on the SD card ? The SD card has usually several dozens of free memory :)

Thanks !


  • @karteur Unfortunately it's not very easy problem to solve. RaceChrono cannot directly access the GoPro video file on the sdcard, and needs to create a temporary file first.
  • I finally found a solution ! By passing by Bluestacks, I can install Android apps on Windows and solve my memory problems :)
    And bonus: I can use Racechrono on a much bigger screen also
    Everything seems to work, no compatibility problems at the moment
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