time box size & position

when attempting to sync yesterday to a video camera, the sat time would come up in a very small box on the bottom left and I did not figure out how to zoom it up???..then a few times it would come up in a larger box in the center???...the box is not big enough in either. The time should be the entire screen in very big numbers for a camera. My cameras are delicately mounted on roll bars and very hard to get to. I can't remove them just to try to zoom in on this...so I manually spoke the numbers which should get me close but much larger would be much easier.


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    You can press the toggle to get the bigger box. But if it's not big enough then you're out of luck (unless you can "show" the phone to your camera?). I'll try to figure out how to make it bigger for the next version.
  • Another issue with this is it seems to be off-screen on my treo. Not sure if you can do anything about it..
  • Which screen resolution do you have on your Treo?
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