my sync attempt for TV

start 60fps video camera rolling
start RC and open time window
call out numbers from RC screen to be heard as sync points on video.

When I'm back home, I establish that GPS time "heard" 19:56:32 is 1:50 from start of video.
(I know there is human error due to response time but this should be close.)

Video at 1:50 is synced to data at GPS 19:56:32. But the GPS time is not displayed in either RC or TV.

I take 19:56:32 - 19:55:27 (1st time stamp in nmea)= 1.05 to the begining of data

So take the video at 1:50 - 1:05 = in TV set the data at beginning and video at :45 "Should be synced"

(1) Is this workflow correct?

(2) In RC if you select "open details" shows all laps created at the same time of 15:55:33???...I'm -4hrs from GMT so this seems correct but why are all laps the same time?

(3) I export a csv of travled route for use in TV but when I open it and look at time it is completely off. The first time stamp is 71733.4???

Having the camera see the GPS time would allow an exact sync from video and data sampled at 5hz but the problem is how do you use the GPS time in the sync process???

Any advice appreciated?


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    Hi, sorry not taking closer look at your problem, as I'm in holiday right now. But I try to answer to few of your questions here.

    2) I'm not sure why the time in "Information mode" are same for all of the laps. At least for me this feature works fine. I will keep my eye on it to see if there's bugs.
    If for some reason there is no time for the lap (like there should) RaceChrono shows the start time for the session there. All times are local time, so they are GMT fixed (unlike traveled route).

    3) The CSV export 71733.4 timestamp can be translated to GMT time followingly

    hours = 71733.4 / 3600 = 19.925 = 19
    minutes = (71733.4 mod 3600) / 60 = 55.55 = 55
    seconds = (71733.4 mod 60) = 33.4

    => 19:55:33.4
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    2. there is no time for the lap because I just export traveled route to do the video without adding a trad to determine the times...os maybe this is why it is displaying the one time...session start.

    3. is there an online convertor for this?


  • no I just checked and there are laps. picture3hdx.png
    By tentenths
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    enjoy tentenths:
    do give it a moment to upload...

    I didn't know where to sync it so I just guesstimated.

    I like that camera setup. I prefer different software to TV as you can tell.
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