Some sort of alarm/alert feature?

Hey there, as I've started to get more into drifting, I utilize race chrono to collect data for some fun analysis/stats.

I made the mistake at the last event of doing a full lap without checking the coolant gauge (normally only glance at it on the "straight" since i'm normally just too busy with the wheel to have a chance to look. Turns out I overheated a good deal. Coolant temp started at 220F (warm, but fine), and managed to hit 243F in a single lap, when I spun. Luckily there was no damage, but I found out that apparently my dash gives 0 warning/alerts to an over-temp condition. Had me think: racechrono has this data, and even lets me put up OBD/PID data on the dashboard. How about some sort of "alert/warning" system that you could set alerts for specific cars. Select the PID of interest, select a low or high threshold, and an action such as make a warning sound, flash the screen red (I keep my phone always in my vision, so while I might not be actively looking at it, I do notice the green/red delta lines while driving), etc.

I get this is probably a bit outside of the scope of RC, but I definitely could see some value for something like this since apparently my stock dash does not do this. Clearly, I need to pay more attention to the gauges, but it can be difficult to check multiple values while trying to hold angle or manji :) Just a thought!


  • Yes, this is on the roadmap!
  • Awesome. It's definitely no excuse on my end not paying close enough attention to my gauges, but any extra heads up/warning is always a good thing.

    I love what you've done with this app over the years. I started using it in 2020 (from Harry's) and haven't looked back. You adding the DPID support for me has allowed me to log so many extra parameters from my C5 :)
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    @jlvaldez thank you very much, looking forward making this app better years to come :smile:
  • Hi,
    @aol_of_RaceChrono , sounds great. I was searching for such function and found this thread.
    It should most likely have helped me to avoid two piston seizures as I log the exhaust temperatures at my aprilia rs 250. I have the phone at my dash but missed the high temperatures.
    When do you think it can be availible? If it will take long time, I maybe make something by myself with an Arduino.
  • Wishes:
    -- Options for visual and/or audible alerts.
    -- Visual alerts can include an on-screen MIL, red/orange frame/background of the offending data and/or the whole screen.
    -- Automatic switching to a screen where the offending data is visible.
    -- Conditional alerts; for example reduced RPM limit (alert threshold) while coolant temp is < 60 C.

    "TrackAddict" has alerts or alarms -- maybe it can be used as inspiration?
    Harry's laptimer also has an "alert button", but I think it sends the location of track hazards (to other drivers and/or to the track crew).
  • @DrMotor thank you for the ideas!
  • IMHO it would be useful not only in drifting and it would be great to have single single APP doing both collecting telemetry and monitoring the vehicle!
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