Custom data entry

Hello, I would like to ask
Because the car is currently equipped with a shock absorber travel recorder
However, the recorded information cannot be entered directly
Want to use the exported VOB file and add other custom fields to input data
It can be read on VBOX TEST software
But after importing it into RACECHRONO, I cannot find a place where I can open the customized chart.
I would like to ask if it is possible to enter the information in this way?


  • You can add custom channels, but the column id in the file needs to be specific to RaceChrono. For example if you use rc_suspension_travel as a column id, it should appear when imported. Use any defined here, prefixed with "rc_" :
  • Thanks, it worked, but another problem is
    Can a custom channel define its data type?
    For example, is it a percentage or a numerical value?
    I entered 50, but after importing, the analysis chart shows 50000mm.
  • The base distance type in RC is meter, so thats what it expects. Not very convinient I must admit.
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