Racechrono freeze on DIY disconnect

I've made my own ESP32 based RC DIY device, that acts like a monitor. It receives data from Racehcrono and pushes it to a server online to show live status to the guys in the pit.
My problem is that when we kill power to the ESP32 it seems like there is a 50% chance of racechrono freezing. To unfreeze I need to close all apps, then restart it, it will then hang on the loading screen. I must then kill it again and android asks if I want to force close it.

I will try to fix this for our case by just powering it from always-on-12v, but it is also a bit annoying when developing, since it also happens when I push a new software to it and it reboots. Is there some BLE-specific thing I must enable/signal/whatever for RC to be happy when the device disappears?
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