Incomplete lap data

Hi all,

I use racechrono on the track for motobike.

GPS sensor => racebox mini attached on the pillion cover with direct view of the sky

OBD2 sensor => OBDlink MX+

Previous phone used Android Xiaomi MI6. The phone was big and track management force you to get anything hard mounted so left the phone in the small storage below the pillion seat out of sight. All data were recording perfectly, never had an issue for 1 year.

As i wanted to see the data, i needed a small phone. Found the android Rakuten mini C330 (Shenzhen TINNO Mobile maker) to be small enough.

I managed to hard mount the phone so started to use it. From the start, lap were only recording partially always saying "connecting to racebox mini" like if it was reconnecting mid lap.
I tried all, disabled wifi entirely, check battery settings as recommended in the FAQ but no luck. I wanted to isolate the issue so disabled the OBD2 reader....bang all gps data were perfect and i can see the full laps.
I tried yesterday again, with OBD2 reader laps are incomplete forcing the gps to reconnect. Then disabled the OBD2 reader and all laps are perfect.

Any idea what i can do to get both working?




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