Exiting to the pit area

I've noticed that when exiting from the track to the pit area, there isn't a trap set-up to detect the exit and stop the lap timer. Is there a neat way to do this?


  • Not really,
    you just need to hit pause after you leave the track.
  • Is there any reason that a trap type "Finish" could not be added to an existing track profile? Would that work on a circuit type track with a Start/Finish trap?
  • I'm puzzled to know why you'd want some laps to show full laps and others to show laps to the pit exit. You would have laps of differing lengths and, depending on where the finish trap is, your fastest lap could be shorter than all the others.
  • Well, actually, a lap which ends in the pits is generally of no interest in terms of timing, and so would get thrown away normally. It just seems like stopping the logging automatically once you've exited the track would be one less manual thing to have to remember to do. By the time I get around to pausing RC once parked in the pit area, it's usually been running on for quite a while pointlessly. Ideally, I'd even prefer to be able to set it up so it would automatically discard any lap that ends in the pits. Just curious to find out what others were doing, if anything.
  • I just press pause. If it's logging for half an hour in the pits, it's not a problem for me. For the sake of a few KB of disk space, I won't lose sleep over it. I often forget to press pause, but I've never worried about it. I have hours of data from the pit lane!
  • I just usually mark the last lap as invalid anyways. The data does nothing.
  • Actually there is a way you could do it IF (big if) you drive parallel to the track after you exit. Do separate start and finish line, make the finish wide enough to cover both the track, pit lane, and the point you dive on after pit out.
  • Either that or you could do the same as is done at the Nurburgring and cut a section of track out. As you can't do a full lap there on tourist days, times are normally done from the bridge just after the pit exit to the gantry just after the last corner. That allows you to capture every lap.
  • Other lap timers achieve this by using a pre-determined speed to start and stop the lap timer, ie: if your speed is less than 20mph for longer than 10 seconds it stops the lap timer. This works well for actual track events, but doesn't work well for autocross.
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