Status of Track Library

As many of you might have noticed, the track library has been neglected for over a year now... But that is about to change!

I've created a new processing system that allows me to handle new track submissions much quicker. For now the new system is only visible for Android application. Symbian/WM integration is going to take little bit longer.

Today I have added 60 new tracks and have 70 more in the pipe. So, please keep those track submissions coming! :)


  • Awesome!

    Quick question. Do users have the ability to rank tracks? Say for example "The Ring" was created by 2 users and one was perfect and the other was terrible, could we rank them?
  • Kyle: Great idea! Didn't think of that, but I'll do that! :)
  • How would you deal with different track configurations? Do we have to create separate tracks?
    The same question about reverse configurations.
  • Rocas: It depends, but thumb rule should be that for major race tracks all configurations should have separate track file, including the reverse direction. But for smaller ones like Karting, Minimoto or Motocross tracks, it is fine to have one track that fits all configurations.
  • OK, got it.
  • aol you have the track of Los Arcos in Spain ?
  • JCS666: Yes I have it. Didn't add it yet but it's in the queue.
  • OK, this is the track capture on your Racechrono.
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    Ok, I've finally exported the new tracks from the new database to Symbian/WM's library (as well as ). Only the currently official tracks have been exported, the unofficial ones are only visible on Android app. I'll make many more tracks official soon.
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    Added 27 new tracks today new tracks sent by Android users. Still many good ones in the pipeline. The track library tools and automation are beginning to work adequately, so please expect sorter processing time in the future!

    The new tracks can be seen in the Android app by opening the "library" tab in track list, and then by pressing "refresh" button from top right.
  • hi aol

    I have a logfile of the new German track "Bilster Berg" sent to you by email. Unfortunately,
    he is not to be found in the selection of routes.

    Then I uploaded the track again from the Android phone.

    When can you Bilster Berg in the library expect? next Time on this Track is on 22 July :-)

  • It's official now, just refresh the library and you'll see it.
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    The approval queue is 500 tracks now, I will approve or reject them only after the v2.30 released. If you need tracks approved before that, just reply this thread.
  • Hello AOL

    I still can not find the Bilster Berg in the track library?
    Not on the Android phone, and not on the PC.....

    Can you sent it by email,.....or write the Link?

  • Hello AOL

    I have found him now update after repeated on the phone!

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    Approval queue is now 180 tracks, trying to catch up. Official track count is now 900!
  • Hi!

    There is Estonian track "Audruring (new layout since 2012), Pärnu" available for Android. However, it is not in the track libary to download for Symbian. Could you upload that? :)

  • I did accidentally upload one of my "developmental" tracks to library, it appears in the pending queue. There seems to be "delete" button when I browse in pending section in track Library. But it is not clear if that will delete the track from phone memory, from track library or from both?
  • hfss, that's ok, I delete the ones that are clearly not race tracks. The "delete" button means only delete from "My tracks" section, not from the pending queue.
  • Hello all, I'm new in the forum so forgive me if my inquiry in repeated. I've been looking for a list of the tracks added by RaceChrono but I couldn't find a link to it. I have tried few links posted around the forum but all of them are invalid (page cannot be found).

    Is there a link or a post in the forum with all the tracks available for RaceChrono iOS and Android apps?

    Thanks in advance.
  • @malomran The up-to-date list is only available in the app itself. It's also quite easy to create a new one, if the ones you need are not there yet.
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