Exporting session data to PC

As I look at the various data in a particular session, I have a nema file, a plots file and a session file.
I'd like to review this on the PC but i'm not sure what I'm looking at. What is on each of these files?

I'm sure it can be copied to the PC but what is the procedure to convert it to something viewable?

thanks for any help in advance.


  • Did you read the manual? Page 23 has a section "exporting and viewing on a PC". You can download the windows PC verison of racechrono from this website or you can export to one of the other formats like Vbox or Danas and install their free software.
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    i export my data to pc nmea data
    data was recorded on smartphone on the race " bresse" a french circuit
    on the phone laptime and split was ok (10 lap)
    or data export on pc only give me 3laps very long but the travel route is ok...
    i look split and start seems to be ok but i can't change the start line for test do you know where the problem is?
    thanks for answer
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