Sydney Motorsport Park, new track and track name change

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Hi Antti,

I haven't been on here for a while, we stopped racing for a bit.
I recently got a new android phone and the 1st thing I did was install the new racechrono app, haven't used it yet but it looks good.

Now just to let you know that the old track called Eastern Creek has changed its name to Sydney Motorsport Park and there will be 4 different circuits - North, South, Main, Extended (The names of the last 2 may be changed again, nobody knows what to call them yet).

I transferred all my data over and then submitted the South & North Circuits.
The Main circuit is the same as the old one with 1 corner changed.
Would you like me to submit the Extended Circuit as well ? (Will a further name change be a problem ?)



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    Hi, nice to see you again and thanks for the tracks! Please submit the extended circuit too. Name changes are no problem in the Android version.

    I've now changed all Eastern Creek circuits to SMP, even the Karting circuits.
  • Guys, I don't think I'm seeing the extended version of the track in RaceChrono library. Just SMP (which looks to be the old version of the track with the 1 corner change), SMP North and SMP South. Is the Extended version still to be added?
  • zpedalkin, sorry for delay in my answer. I've put the extended track SMP Long (extended) to the "unofficial" category. You can find it from there. I wasn't entirely sure how the track goes due to lack of track layout maps (satellite or drawn), so I could not mark it as official.
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    Can you change the Go karts back, they are a separate facility, they just happen to be next door and are still called Eastern Creek Karts.

    It took me a while to find the 'SMP' tracks in the track listings as it's been called Eastern Creek for the past 32 years, so everyone round here still calls it that even though they've officially changed the name.

    Also Oran Park doesn't exist anymore, it's a housing estate these days.
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    obmerb, my mistake, I changed back to Eastern Creek Karts. Somehow I thought it's the same facility. Sad to hear about Oran Park. I think I'll keep it in the library in case people still want to review their old Oran Park sessions in the future. Thank you for letting me know!
  • Yeah, sucks that we only have one track left for the whole of Sydney now :(
  • obmerb - don't even get me started :( We need more!!
  • Finally got to run on the SMP Extended Track which has now been named "Sydney Motorsport Park, Brabham Circuit"
    I have submitted the track now, I left splits 1&3 where they were on the original circuit so that sectors 1 & 4 are the same and you can compare them.
    I created a new split 2 just before the turn off to the extended part.
    Sector 2 is a bit short, but I think its OK.
  • Thanks, made it official now.
  • I cant see the new tracks in the Track Library. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  • Has anyone seen the new Sydney Motorsport tracks on the track library?

    I can see the original track but not the Nth, Sth or the Brabham?
  • wbower, which version are you using? I've stopped maintaining the Symbian version Library while back so in there you need to create the tracks yourself. On Android version you should have SMP Brabham, North and South visible (if not, then update to latest version and it will refresh the library automatically).
  • I want it for a touch screen unit. Is there another library for the touchscreen units?
  • Hi,

    I've noticed some small issues with the naming of the Sydney Motorsport Park tracks in the database. This thread is quite old and the one of the posts above mentions that the names might change (and they have done), so I thought I'd let you know.

    The initials for the track should be SMSP (not SMP), and the main circuit (which is currently just called SMP) should be called Gardner GP. You can see more information here


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