Qsrtarz 818x vs XT

I have an opportunity to pick op a 818x pretty cheap
I'm just wondering if the 5hz limit would be good for my needs
I will use racechrono for motocross which can have speeds from 3mph - 60mph and there are areas where the track can be quite close to other parts of the track
What is the 5hz accuracy within feet or meters?
On a corner there can be around 5 lines within a 15 foot width
So im wondering with racechrono and a Qstartz 5mz receiver will it be able to decipher these different lines?
Many thanks


  • I think the x is equally good as xt... The 10 hz mode is not too useful as with this receiver it does not add any precission.
  • Thanks for that aol
    Tried it out today on my mountain bike just in the street
    Very impressed
    Off to the motox track tomorrow to see how that works out
    Thanks again
  • I have the XT and actually like said aol the 10hz mode does not add any precision, but makes log files bigger and use more battery. Go for the cheap X version.
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