Export of old Android (June 2012) corrupt


I'm not 100% sure of what Android version I was using in June 2012 - but it would have been the most up to date available. But now, using the latest version from Play Market, my previous sessions seem to be corrupt? It seems to have the wrong Log and Lat data (or something) as when I look at the whole session data it cannot plot the GPS location, though the Time/Altitude data does seem to be correct?

Is there anything I can do to fix/repair this data?

Many thanks


  • I've also looked at the exported data and sure enough the long and lat data seem to jump to 173 (long) and 0.000052 (lat), also the x-pos and y-pos change to x-pos=NaN and y-pos=13704199.33 (and increases).

    I was going to try and look at the original channel files (source files) to see if I could try and find the fault, but I sadly don't understand the file format :-P :-)
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    Is it just one session that seems corrupt or all of your runs? Also one clarification needed, is it the export that is broken or the session itself? Or both?
  • Just emailed you some instructions how to read the session files
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