Does RaceChrono work on Samsung Galaxy S4?

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I am planning to buy RaceChrono and a new Android Samsung Galaxy S4.

The questions :
- Will RaceChrono works on Samsung Galaxy S4

Galaxy S4 ships with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean


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    Hi, I cannot say for sure, as I don't own S4, but I have no reason to expect it would have any problems. If there are any problems, I will fix them eventually of course.
  • OK, thank you very much,

    I am planning to buy the software for my race car in Jakarta, INDONESIA
  • Here is my response from the other section you posted in.

    "I'd assume it would work.

    I'm "using" RaceChrono on a Samsung Galaxy Note (i717) with a custom 4.2.2 ROM.

    I say "using" because I'm just kinda testing/playing with it right now."
  • Works just fine on my S4 (AT&T SGH-I337 4.2.2)

    Wish I could get the same Map View on the website as on the Android App - exporting the CSV is fine, but the "replay" feature would make a great WebApp - export to a map-overlay video, in real time, would be super cool too)
  • Thanks for the report, Kuyper. The web app is something I'm planning to do at some point, after the most important stuff on the android app has been done.
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