Which phone / GPS receiver should I buy? Report your experiences here



  • Garmin GLO will be much better than any internal GPS in any situation. Where did you install the phone? When using internal GPS the phone needs to be at the dash so it can "see" the satellites as directly as possible
  • I use Alcatel OneTouch Pixi 3 3.5, I need a very small device and it is ok for me...it is 3,5" screen and it perfectly works with racechrono.
    Surely it is for LAP TIMING and not for video export...
    my use is:

    Alcatel OneTouch Pixi 3 3.5

    this configuration works with no issue for me...

    At home I have an android device (not smartphone). it is ODROID C2 board with android 5.1, it is plugged to the monitor (24" monitor :-) ) using mouse and keyboard.

    I transfer all data thru sftp using automation script to put all data on this device from my Alcatel OneTouch Pixi 3 3.5 and after this I generate my export video and I can analyze all sessions.

    this configurations works well for me

    thanks Racechrono!
  • As my trusty old HTC Desire HD (from 2007) broke down last Friday when I was on a Trackday @ Spa I'm looking to buy a new smartphone, dedicated just for RaceChrono.
    I want to go for a Samsung, but I can't decide on the model. Which one would you recommend Galaxy A3,Galaxy J3, Galaxy J5 or Galaxy Xcover 3 Value Edition
    They are all around the same budget but is one of them better for RaceChono Pro?

    @aol, could you post a new "recommended hardware list" as like this original post from 2012?

  • @GuntherStorme There are separate recommended hardware FAQ entries in http://racechrono.com/support/ to replace this thread. I don't really recommend particular phones as there's too many to test, and most of them work just fine, as long as they have original Google apps installed. My general advice on Android phones would be to buy one with as new Android version as possible, and as good video camera as possible. Even if you don't use the internal camera with RaceChrono, the good camera hardware will enable fast and reliable video export and smooth analysis in RaceChrono.
  • I've successfully used a Pixel 2 to record session data with a Garmin Glo external GPS.
    Works seamlessly.
    I've also exported the session data files and videos to a Pixelbook (which allows me to run Android apps on the Chromebook platform) and can review sessions on it on a large screen (or TV). The analysis side of the app really comes into its own on a big screen.
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