Which phone / GPS receiver should I buy? Report your experiences here

If you're buying an Android phone to use with RaceChrono, you can ask here how it works. Also if you have enough experience on a phone to recommend it to be used wit RaceChrono, please do!

Works perfectly:
- Samsung Google Galaxy S (Android 2.3.6, 4.0 and 4.1)
- Samsung Google Galaxy Nexus (Android 4.0 and 4.1)
- Samsung Galaxy S3 (Android 4.0 and 4.1)
- Asus Google Nexus 7 (Android 4.2)
- QSTARZ BT-818X (5 Hz)
- Garmin GLO (10 Hz GPS / GLONASS receiver), works well with Android 2.3, 4.0 and 4.1. Also 4.3 works but needs RaceChrono v2.43 or newer. The device has slight update rate problem when used with Android, the update rate in reality fluctuates between 5-10 Hz.
- Dual XGPS 160, so far seems to work perfectly, steady 10 Hz and locks to 20 satellites (GPS + GLONASS)

Works mostly fine but some problems:
- QSTARZ BT-818XT (10 Hz), frequency problems on some phones. If having such problems, switch to 1 Hz so RaceChrono will use the device as 5 Hz.
- ZTE Blade mk1 (with Android 2.1), Bluetooth hangs regularly, so using Bluetooth GPS is not an option with this phone. This is a hardware/firmware problem, nothing I can do.


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    An user asked elsewhere if he should buy ZTE blade (it's cheap!). My answer:

    JuhaK: I have ZTE Blade mk1 (with Android 2.1) and it works fine otherwise, but Bluetooth hangs regularly after 20 minutes, so for me it's pretty unusable. As I don't like any internal GPS. Someone needs to test the more common Blade mk2 (with Android 2.2).

    I've never seen a Bluetooth hang on Samsung device. Sure the phone crashes sometimes but not regularly at all.

    So if you didn't buy the phone, I'd try something else. Galaxy Y is cheap but the resolution is not very good. Maybe the rugged XCover with 480x320 resolution would be a good choise? It is 210 euros in local Gigantti.
  • I didn't buy the phone yet, and I won't. Thank you :)
  • Juha K: Good. The current Blade model might work, but it's better to not buy it before confirmed. Also the mk1 one might work better on Cyanogenmod, but also that I cannot confirm as I want to keep it as original for testing :)
  • Works Perfectly - Google Nexus One - CyanogenMod-7.1

    This is while used with a Qstartz BT-Q818XT via bluetooth.
  • Perfect with samsung galaxy ace + BT-Q818XT.
  • works perfectly on sony ericson experia arc
  • extremely cheap and stable Sony xperia X10, also display is quite big. No problems with bluetooth GPS and internal one.
  • Love it on my Nexus 7, its fantastic on the large display.
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    For Info:

    HTC Legend + Q818XT - Won't Pair
    HTC Legend + Q818XT + CyanogenMod 7.1 - Pairs fine, but frequent drops / RachChrono stops recording randomly.
    HTC Legend + Q818XT + CyanogenMod 9 - Pairs fine, but frequent drops / RachChrono stops recording randomly.

    So not the phone for you ...

    Anyone know something cheap that just works ? Was trying to get my mits on a Galaxy S Wifi Music player as that has bluetooth and would probably do the trick. Failing that anyone tried the Huawei Ascend G 300 ? Seems the best cheap phone buy at the moment.
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    HTC Desire S - Android 2.3.5 + Homemade GPS using MediaTek (MT3329) 10Hz chip

    Racechrono is working without noticeable issues. No bluetooth drops.
    Using good external antenna and getting very precise results.
    Have not tested internal GPS.
  • Now tested on Nexus 7 for recording and viewing - Great for analysis :)

    Asus Nexus 7 - This is while used with a Qstartz BT-Q818XT via bluetooth.
  • Just for update - Huawei Ascend G300 standard ROM, Q818XT stable as a rock ( for couple o fhours of testing anyway ) - yet to be used on track, but looking very good.
  • astast
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    Samsung Galaxy S with SlimICS 4.2 ROM (Android 4.0.4) and SlimBean 2.1 ROM (Android 4.1.1) works perfectly with Qstarz 818 XT 10 Hz GPS. Never crashed or stopped recording.

    Used on five track days on four different tracks so far.
  • No problems with the Google Galaxy Nexus and the Qstarz BT-Q818XT 10Hz
    Running ICS 4.1.1
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    Got my Garmin GLO 10 Hz GPS/GLONASS Bluetooth receiver today. Doesn't work on RaceChrono v2.10, but made some fixes and got it working. I'll do some more testing and then release v2.11 that will support fully this receiver.
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    HTC Sensation XE smartphone and a Q-Starz BT-Q1300S GPS on 5Hz. This combination works perfectly with Racechrono 2.10
  • Has anybody tested Samsung Galaxy Mini or Y with 10Hz gps? Those seem to be one of the cheapest phones I can find.
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    Samsung Galaxy S (2.3.6) with iBT A+ GPS and RaceChron 2.11 (and earlyer version) : works perfectly
    Samsung Xcover GT-S5690 (2.3.6) with iBT A+ GPS and RaceChrono 2.11 : bluetooth is ko ! It ask me to appaired all the time... it 's the same with the app Bluetooth GPS. And not function at all with bluetooth gps provider or bluetooth gps mouse.
    It's also fully functionnal with HTC Wildifre and iBT A+ GPS.

    I don't know what to do...
    It's ok with internal GPS but not terrible...

    Goog job for RaceChrono
  • steph_d: Thanks for report, I look in to the XCover problem.
  • I try with aonther rom but i have always the same problem with bluetooth...

    Someone want to buy a xcover ?

  • Finnaly I bought a Motorola Defy mini (low cost) and it works perfectly :-))) with my iBT A+ GPS. One thing : the screen is a bit small .
    RaceChrono, Defy and GPS, It is a good set at a good price !

    Thnak a lot for your work.

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    Hey guys,
    I have an HTC One X with ASOP Rom (its pure Jelly Bean v.4.2.1).
    Can someone please tell me which BT GPS Receiver I should buy in order to get accurate lap times?
    I'm going to Serres Race Track in Greece on April and would like to test the software, I'm going to have a professional transponder on the bike so I would be able to see how accurate Racechrono really is and report back here :)
    Someone suggested me to buy a BT-Mini Mobile GPS Receiver for like $15 but I think it won't do the job.
    Thanks in advance for your help!
  • I cannot guarantee that these will work 100% with your phone, but many have good experiences with Qstarz 818xt and Garmin GLO. The first one is cheaper and is better tested, but the latter one supports GLONASS and is more modern.
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    RC 2.20 works well with Nexus 4 (4.2.2) + 818XT 10Hz.
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    RC works perfectly with my Motorola ATRIX, with both Gingerbread stock Motoblur AND every Gingerbread CM7 roms.
    (GPS receiver is QSTARZ 818XT)
  • Hi everyone my first post here

    I have a Galaxy S2 with RaceChrono v2.21 has any one had good reliable pairing results with Qstarz BT-Q818XT 10Hz for lap timing in a closed race car, or would I need and external aerial

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    Hello to all!

    Sorry for my bad english !

    RC (Android) works very well on an Samsung Galaxy Ace with the iBT A+ GPS, thank you for this brilliant program!

    I however miss " 0/100.... ", and in navigation, no possibility to see the speed.....(just see the satellites).

    Nice day,


  • The Sony Xperia Mini ST15i works brilliantly with a Garmin GLO. I bought the Xperia on ebay for £67 specifically to use with the Racechrono app. A nice small android phone which I use in a holder on my forearm when kart racing. I don't have a SIM card installed.

    Before getting the GLO I found the QSTARZ BT-818XT (10 Hz) a bit erratic at both 5hz and 10 hz frequently dropping sat lock leading to some very strange looking lap traces. The GLO is superb, usually getting a lock on 15-19 satellites, and always running at 10hz.
  • Had problems with a T-Mobile / ZTE Vivacity with Android 2.3 Gingerbread.
    Don't think blue-tooth related, since live timing worked perfectly, showing lap times, splits and sector +/- times. After ~10 laps / 20 mins, I opened the session to analyse and it only showed the out lap and one more lap?
    One extra issue was the screen locking after 10mins. Phone can be set to 30mins which may help.
  • Not work with Gigabite GSmart M1 - Andriod JBean - it can fix satellites even with internal GPS, can pair with Qstarz but same....
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